For some students, it is their first time away from home. For others, it is a way of getting to know EduCare as well as Singapore first before commencing their new school year in Singapore. 

The summer course is for students aged 12-17. These students come from different countries and would like to have a foretaste of how is it like studying and living in Singapore. Our summer course is usually held in June where students study English or Mandarin in the mornings and take sports classes or participate in educational activities (exploration of new territories, places of interest, cultures, and people) in the afternoons. Students participating in the educational activities may expect to be fully engaged in the related coursework, which may include journal writing, readings, special projects etc. There are many evening activities and a busy excursion programme at weekends.

The summer course is a 2 weeks programme which can be flexibly customized. All departures and arrivals take place on Saturdays. We want the summer course students to make progress in their chosen language but we also want them to enjoy themselves and have memorable and wholesome experiences in Singapore. The programme is great value for money because there are no hidden extras in the price – everything is included. Only a small amount of pocket money needs to be provided during students’ stay.

Language Classes

Students may choose to study English or Mandarin.  Parents sometimes worry that the language is totally new to their child, but fret not. No prior knowledge of English or Mandarin is required. We have classes at all levels, from total beginner right up to advanced. On arrival, students are test333ed in their chosen language and put into the appropriate class. There are a maximum of 12 students per class, so they have a lot of contact with the teacher.

The language classes take place in the mornings from 09h00 to 12h15, with a 15 minute break in the middle. In the first period, the student focuses on basic grammar and language structure, whereas, in the second period, with a different teacher, the focus is more on basic communication and oral fluency, applicable in modern social context.

Afternoons are given over to field trips/seminars/hands-on workshops to uncover the diversity and richness of cultural interest, alternating the sports classes.  A teacher guide leads the students and they usually have to complete a worksheet, which is prepared beforehand in class.

On Fridays, a small test333 checks the student’s weekly progress. On departure, all students will receive a certificate with a grade and a teacher comment and take a full file of work home to show their parents.

The Activities

Sports, activities and excursions

On alternate afternoons, students may take sports classes with others of the same age. We try to vary the sports so everyone gets the chance to try lots of different activities and maybe some new ones.

Usually twice a week, the students have a study period in which to do homework. Depending on the programme, this might be before or after dinner. Several evenings per week, an activity is organised. This might be an in-house evening such as a quiz night; movie evening or it could be something outside of school such as bowling.
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